Our Music

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"Just Us and Some Hymns" is just that. All of our previous projects contained mostly original songs and were tracked by some of the country’s top studio musicians. This project is made up of classic hymns of the church along with our nations national anthem. The instrumentation on this project contains the piano playing of Mark Jones along with bass guitar, drums, strings, organ, and percussion by other group members and friends.

♫ Tell Me The Story of Jesus

♫ Savior Like A Shepherd Lead Us

♫ Jesus Saves

♫ Farther Along

♫ When They Ring Those Golden Bells

♫ Somebody Loves Me

♫ What A Day That Will Be

♫ I Am Resolved

♫ It Is Well With My Soul

♫ Send The Light

♫ The Star Spangled Banner

"Mountain Of Trust" contains 9 songs written by groups members and friends, and three cover songs.  Mark, Loretta and Neal all contributed as writer or co-writer on this project. Also, Neal’s cousin Scott Bouldin and friend Raymond Rivers contributed as well.

♫ A Brand New Life
♫ My Hiding Place
♫ Mountain of Trust
♫ Help Me Stand
♫ Family of God
♫ I Want to Walk Just as Close as I Can
♫ God Holds the Perfect Plan
♫ Welcome Home
♫ Lord I Want to Love You More
♫ This is Just What Heaven
♫ I Will Do the Work of the Lord
♫ Safely in Your Grace

"Back to the Cross" contains 14 original songs, one of which is a special Christmas song.  We are blessed to have so many songwriters/co-writers in our group — Mark, Johnny, Loretta and Johnny’s wife, Carol.  Three songs were written by Tonya Harrelson.  She and Mark are also guest vocalists on A Grace That Knows No Bounds.  Neal’s late father, Joe C. Champion, Jr, wrote Turn Around and Mark wrote the Christmas song, The Greatest Gift.

♫ Back To The Cross
♫ Makes Everything Alright
♫ I Can’t Walk Alone
♫ Too Blessed To Be Depressed
♫ The Storm
♫ Things
♫ I Just Want To Be A Blessing
♫ Feelin’ A Healin’
♫ Turn Around
♫ In The Name Of The Lord
♫ It’s No Show
♫ Not Far Away
♫ A Grace That Knows No Bounds
♫ The Greatest Gift

"From The Word" contains 10 original songs.  Many of the songs come directly from the scriptures hence the project title.  Four were written by Mark Jones, 3 by the late Johnny Duren and 2 by Neal Champion.  The tenth song, There’s A Reason was written by Neal’s late father Joe C. Champion, Jr. and includes guest vocals by Neal’s brother Chris.

♫ Your Little Basket
♫ But By The Blood
♫ When I Get Home
♫ When The Waters Part
♫ Living Sacrifice
♫ The Things We’ll Do Without
♫ In That Land
♫ Come Ye After Me
♫ There’s A Reason
♫ Anytime Is The Right Time

"Somebody’s Been Praying For Me", is packed with original new music.  Nine of the ten songs included on this project were written by group members Mark Jones, the late Johnny Duren, and Neal Champion.  The title song, written by Johnny, speaks of the assurance we have as others pray for us.  "The Jordan" was written by Mark after experiences he had while visiting Israel.  "Leave It, Love It, Live It", was written by Neal after hearing his pastor speak those words and the close of a Sunday morning service.

♫ I’m Gonna Walk And Talk With Jesus
♫ I’ve Been Touched
♫ Somebody’s Been Praying For Me
♫ Mary Knew
♫ Heavenly Journey
♫ Learn It, Love It, Live It
♫ Spending Time With Jesus
♫ Almost Home
♫ May The World See Jesus In Me
♫ The Jordan

"Take Enough Time" contains five original songs written by group member Mark Jones and one written by group member Neal Champion.  It also contains the group’s rendition of the children’s classic "Jesus Loves Me" and a medley of ageless songs about "The Cross".

♫ Jesus Loves Me
♫ Precious Love Of Jesus
♫ Will I See You Over Yonder
♫ Turn It Over
♫ House Of Gold
♫ Come On In
♫ Take Enough Time
♫ Where The Light Comes From The Son
♫ Cross Medley
♫ Take A Moment And Live

Our debut, self-titled, project, "Chosen Witness", contains nine songs written by group member Mark Jones.  It contains listener favorites "The Word" (The Doctor That Can) and "Tomorrow’s Monday".  Also on this project is the song that originally brought Chosen Witness together, "My Son".

♫ Happy Time In Heaven
♫ Chosen Witness
♫ The Shepherd
♫ Tomorrow’s Monday
♫ My Son
♫ Get Up
♫ Don’t Hide Your Light
♫ The Word (The Doctor That Can)
♫ How Can You Tell Me No
♫ Mansion Over The Hilltop